women: *are killed, beaten, raped, and put down constantly for hundreds of years just for being women*

woman who is also a feminist: *cracks a joke about men on the internet*

men: ”see this is the problem with feminism it promotes hate speech they’re no better than sexist men why can’t i punch women in the face and why does the guy have to pay on dates #equalitarianism”

It’s crazy how now that the nude photo scandal is said to have contained photos of some girls who were underage at the time the selfies were taken people are now saying:

-Wow those parents really should have told their daughters that taking nude photos is a bad idea

-I wonder if they will be charged with producing child pornography (While technically it is a crime in many states I think it’s fairly evident this case would be thrown out because they are clearly victims of a much larger crime)

-Why would a woman ever take a nude photo knowing there are hackers on the internet? Especially as a minor!

You people are dumb. Don’t blame the women involved in this sex crime, blame the hacker.